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Welcome to HFT 1000-Spring Semester 2023. Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management.

I am Professor Margie K. La Belle and it is my pleasure and privilege to be your mentor and guide for this course in Hospitality and Tourism Management.  I am here to help you succeed, so please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or problems.  Any information that you may need to succeed is on this syllabus.  If you have a question, address it to me ASAP.  

I have included the outline of the course (week by week) for your perusal.  

IT IS TENTATIVE!!! IN ADDITION, SUBJECT TO CHANGE.  I will organize the class according to the needs of you, the student and your personal dreams and passions in the industry.



I promise to be in class every day and support all your questions and wishes for a wonderful adventure in this fabulous Industry. I have been in the hospitality industry since I was 19.  I saw the world and all it's wonderful cultures and people.  I was never bored going to work and no day was ever the same.  It is truly a wonderful adventure for a career and personal growth.  Come on aboard. You are going to love the ride.  

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Rowan Jacobs



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Course Description and Purpose

HFT 1000 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management (3). HFT 1000 is a survey course providing an overview of the industry, its history, problems, and general operating procedures. Operating executives from the fields of hotel, restaurant, foodservice, travel, and tourism will be featured periodically. This course will also place emphasis on the students having global awareness of all domestic, international, and intercultural issues, trends and systems that shape and enhance our ability to conduct business in a global environment.

Course Objectives

B.Sc.HM graduates of the Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management will attain a general knowledge of the concepts and tools of basic procedures and receive a comprehensive overview of this fascinating global career.


  • To acquaint the student with the dimensions and scope of this global industry including travel trends and research, while also exploring and differentiating the many career opportunities available both in western and non-western cultures.
  • To provide the student with current industry language and terms including: global terms and concepts that constantly are interchanged and incorporated within the international tourism and service industry. (e.g.) most of the global travel industries use field names to designate their airport of choice. Do you ever wonder what the Miami International Airports’ field name is when conducting business?
  • To have the student become aware of body language and its’ importance to understanding customer service concepts and understanding cultural body language in its’ content to being successful in conducting Hospitality business.
  • To accustom the student with current interviewing techniques both domestic and international. In addition, to be aware of the terms used globally. (e.g.) What is a CV?  What is a Resume’?  What is the difference if any?
  • To foster awareness to the student regarding current hospitality & tourism trends both western and non-western cultures, while exploring and diagnosing the industry’s fascinating future in this new millennium. Do you ever wonder how the new technology has affect our business and industry? 

  • To illustrate to the student the size and make up of all the  countless venues associate with the industry, not just hotels and restaurants. And identify advantages and disadvantages of a career in  this fascinating global hospitality industry.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to define “service” and summarize how service businesses differ from manufacturing businesses while also differentiating the products intangible and tangible.

  • Students will develop interpersonal skills, and be able to express them in a job interview both global and domestic, and utilize them in entry-level career positions within local, global, international and intercultural levels. (Global Awareness).*

  • Students will be able to discuss and analyze issues on social responsibilities in the industry including but not limited to: cultural identity, attitudes, values and beliefs in differing cultures.  In addition, be able to examine their own career goals by demonstrating a willingness to address them by taking action within the context of their own lives.  (Global engagement)***

  • Students will be able to explain, describe and give examples of different viewpoints that are associated with every venue /career opportunity in the industry. E.g.  Your creative projects.

  • Students will be able to understand and defend the importance of protecting the environment and their planet against adverse destruction of the planets natural resources.  Global Awareness is a major issue for all Hospitality countries and venues.(Global Awareness/Engagement)***

  • Students will analyze and compare the industries fascinating history from its beginnings, to its intriguing presence in the new innovative millennium. 

  • Students will be able to understand and analyze the differing components of ethical and social responsibility within our industry as well as, how other cultures deal with the same issues in hospitality and tourism. (Global Awareness)***

  • Students will be able to understand and share that all Hospitality avenues and venues have unique expressions of their own in art, language, music and family and be able to express how culture can/may be inspiring to the hospitality adventure.  (Global Awareness)***

***indicates global learning outcome

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Additional Resources:

A Book Component

Hospitality Today: An Introduction, Eighth Edition
title : 

Hospitality Today: An Introduction, Eighth Edition

authors : 

Rocco M. Angelo, CHA

publisher : 

Educational Institute of the American Hotel Motel Association

publish date : 

August 10, 2017

isbn 10 : 


isbn 13 : 


Textbook Description

Course Prerequisites

Must have knowledge of Microsoft Office:  Word, PowerPoint, & Excel. No prerequisites are required for this course.

Expectations of This Course

This is not an online course

Students are expected to:

  • review the getting started page located in the course modules;
  • review and follow the course calendar and weekly outlines;
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The instructor will:

  • log in to the course 3 week; 
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Course Detail

Course Communication

Communication in this course will take place via the Canvas Inbox. Check out the Canvas Conversations Tutorial or Canvas Guide to learn how to communicate with your instructor and peers using Announcements, Discussions, and the Inbox. I will respond to all correspondences within 24 hours.


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  • There will be a total of 5 quizzes structured as T/F or Multiple choice
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  • Results will be available immediately after the exam is finished

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The class is scheduled to meet once a week for lecture, guest speaker presentations, case study discussion, exercises and workshops. Your attendance and active participation in class are important to the learning experience.  Students are expected to attend all sessions and to arrive promptly at the beginning of each class however, if you are late please enter quietly and do not disrupt the lecture.  Excused absences will be granted for medically certified conditions.  Except for unforeseen medical conditions, all excused absences will be discussed with and approved by the professor in advance. If a class session is missed, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain appropriate notes from another member of the class.  Attendance and class participation grades are at the discretion of the instructor and are not subject to debate. More than 3 unexcused absences will lower your final grade by 15%

Learning can be accomplished either as an individual or as a shared experience. This course provides you with an opportunity to benefit from both approaches. The class environment is designed to encourage your active participation. Your attendance and involvement is important to us all. In order to be successful in this class and in life, you must make a commitment. Your commitment requires that you attend every class, arrive on time, be completely prepared and participate fully until the end of class. No make-up test will be offered and late work assignments will not be accepted.  Each student MUST do their own work.  Duplicate efforts will subject both participants to Academic procedures and sanctions. 

Individual OR Group Project

Have your group/individual select one of the topics presented or pick something you have always wanted to do or see. Be creative! what's your passion, Tell the class about it!!!! SOME EXAMPLES LISTED BELOW

1. Love your state, country or culture. Have your group explore and research some hidden, wonderful and exciting adventures and vacation--right in your own backyard or beyond. Hospitality is global. Present a special place or adventure your entire group likes or wishes to visit.

2. Have your group explore some of the wonders of the world.(the original 7 wonders, the 7 wonders of the modern world, 7 natural wonders of the world or the 7 wonders of the ancient world). Travelers' visit theses places every YEAR and bring in tourism dollars annually. It's a multimillion dollar boost for the travel and tourism industry

3. Have your group explore A.I. (artificial intelligent) and how it is influencing and affecting the travel and tourism industry today. E.g. Sophia, drones, and Robots in hotels etc. They have changed our industry tremendously and continue constantly.

4. Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company within the Virgin Group. It is developing commercial spacecraft and aims to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists and suborbital launches for space science missions. Show the class how space tourism is boldly entering the hospitality industry.

5. More than Magical= Disney World Orlando Florida. One of the most visited vacation spot in the world. Have your group explore and present on Disney's underground and activities behind the scene. How does this contribute to their overall success?

6. Love authentic flavors and tastes of travel? Have your group explore some of the world’s fantastic flavors that feed your senses throughout the world. E.g., places the whole group would love to learn. Present your choices and bring some flavors of the world into class. Have some fun and be creative.

7. There are so many important hospitality-meeting events around our world. Hospitality is global. Explore one of these events; how are they coordinated, prepared and what happens behind the scenes.

8. Cruises: One of the most exciting vacation adventures for all age groups around the globe. Yet, approximately only 8% of Americans have ever been on a cruise. Go behind the scenes and explore how major cruise line market and sell their wonderful “Kodak Moment” with exceptional customer service.

9. I have a book called 1000 places to be put on your bucket. check the book on line or in the library. Look through the book and find a place or venue you would like to explore. "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away). anonymous

10. A custom vacation allows you to be the architect of an experience that meets the standards of a great meeting or tour. Tell the class what your passion is and how you would implement it.. Have fun!!! you are now a tour guide or event planner

11. Where else can cultural wonders like New York, New Orleans, Toronto, San Francisco, and Los Angeles compete with Natural wonders like Yellowstone. Zion, Grand Teton, Bryce, Denali and grand canyon national parks? Discover for the class while North America boasts some of the most scenic vacations spots in the world. You're a tour guide now. Sell your adventure.

12.We have all been going thru trying times. We have witnessed a time that has never happened in any of our generations. How has it affected you, your family, your life and your goals for a better world. 

You will be expected to complete a 5-7 minute visual presentation with Powerpoint, Canva, Slides, etc. You will also write a short paper (short is about 5 paragraphs} about how you(r) team chose your topic and worked together to complete it. Don't tell me your team did not get together---you can always do any of these topics by yourself. You have lots of choices--Pick good ones for you. Have fun and enjoy the class. Hospitality is a wonderful adventure.

  • Write a one(1) page single spaced experience report (minimum 5 (five) paragraphs.

  1. The experience paper should only contain your group experience putting the project together. E.g. how you all got together, where you met, any problems you all encountered, any new friends you met, was it an adventure for you all or a chore.  Etc. etc.
  2.  This paper is for my eyes only.    
  3.  Time limit 7-10.

  You may make a video to accompany your presentation. In addition, it enhances your presentation. 

Make sure you do not go over the allotted time.

This project will be further discussed in class on the first day of sessions.  Examples will be given and questions addressed.

It’s a fun project and will be graded by your classmates as well as your professor.  Be Creative and have fun with this adventure in hospitality.

Please Dress Professionally when presenting.

Make sure you have your grading sheet filled out on the day of your presentation.


Course Requirements
Number of Items
Points for Each
Total Points Available
Typsy Assignments

Grading Schema

Name From To
< 95%
< 90%
< 87%
< 83%
< 80%
< 77%
< 70%
< 60%

Course Calendar

Weekly Schedule

This schedule is subject to change, please stay informed and check Canvas regularly to stay up to date with all changes to the course.

1/9/2023 - 1/23/2023
  • Welcome Introductions and General class information. 
  • Review of syllabus
  • Explanation of Group Project and Requirements.
  • Presentation groups sign up.  Week 1 and 3 Prologue “A Brief History of the Industry “ Hospitality Video – GMCVB
1/16/2023MLK Day - No Classes
  • Kathy Martin Workshop - tentative -  TBA-Dawn Fagnan/tentative
Continuation of week one---A brief history of travel Speaker: Dawn Fagan: Assistant Director, Enrollment and Recruitment Services. chapter 2 and beginning of chapter 1

“The Impact of Transportation on Tourism “

  • Chapter 1 “Service Makes the Difference”, Chapter 3 “Exploring Hospitality Careers”. 
Video on customer Service   Quiz 2 on line 

Chapter 4 & 5    “Restaurant & Restaurant Organization”, Chapter 13 “Human Resources”, “Laws that affect our industry” Chapter 6 & 7 “The World of Hotels, Hotel Organization”, Chapter 11 “Gaming and Casino Hotels

2/27/2023  -  3/4/2023SPRING BREAK - NO CLASSES
  • Chapter 15 & 16 “Management Companies and Franchising” as they relate to Hotels and Restaurants QUIZ 3 ON LINE
    • Continuation of hotels and gaming operations

  • QUIZ 4 ON LINE--
  • Review of chapters 15 and 16 Don't forget the 1st-2021 is the last day to drop with a DR or WI
  • First groups to present

  • Cruise line videos—
  • Chapter 8 “Club Management”,
  •  Chapter 10 “The Cruise Line Business” 
  • Chapter 9 “An Introduction to the Meeting Industry

  • Chapter 12 “Managing and Leading Hospitality Enterprises” “Marketing and Selling” Chapter 17 “Ethics 
    • Make up quiz available for all students---Optional.
    • Quiz 5 on line TBA

Last Day for Presentations.  Material and videos covered that was adjusted for speakers and presentations.  
TENTATIVE - Easter Holiday