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Miao Wang


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Course Description and Purpose

Planning Meetings offers an overview from the eyes of the Meeting Planner, of the Conventions, Expositions and Meetings Industry (CEMI). The course reviews meeting industry organizations and why meetings are held, program planning, design and arrangement, site selection, marketing, promotion, entertainment, personnel management, transportation, food and beverage selection, housekeeping and budgeting & fiscal management. State of the art event software is reviewed for booking and scheduling facilities and events.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • To define industry organizations and why they hold meetings.
  • To define practical strategies for program planning, design and arrangement development and to provide specific research, planning supervision and control guidelines used by the professional meeting planner.
  • To present venue selection, marketing and promotion techniques.

Course Methodology

The course consists of lectures, discussions, electronic site inspections.

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Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Textbook and Course Materials

The Meeting Spectrum
title : 
The Meeting Spectrum
authors : 
Rudy R. Wright, E. J. Siwek
publisher : 

HRD Press

publish date : 
isbn 10 : 


isbn 13 : 


notes : 
Whether you are a meeting professional or new to event planning, a corporate or association executive, or independent consultant, the book synthesizes what you need to know to achieve professionalism in the management of conferences, exhibitions, and conventions.

A Reference Book

Business Events
title : 

Business Events

authors : 

Rob Davidson

publisher : 


publish date : 


isbn 13 : 


Course Detail



You will be asked to complete a group project at the end of the semester. This project includes two parts, written assignment and oral presentation. 

Written assignments will be discussed in the classroom, therefore timely completion is imperative. Written assignment must be computer generated, double spaced and properly referenced where appropriate, and is due as listed in the schedule.

You are expected to deliver an oral presentation together with your group members at the end of the semester based on the project that you complete.

Make-Up Examination Policies

We have mid-term exam and final exam. Please make sure you can participate them on time. There will be no make-up exams.


Course Requirements
Number of Items
Points for Each
Total Points Available
Attendance and Participation101010010%
Mid-term Exam
Final Exam110010030%
Group Project_oral & written110010030%

Grading Schema

Name From To
< 95%
< 90%
< 87%
< 83%
< 80%
< 77%
< 70%
< 60%

Course Calendar

Weekly Schedule

DateTopicsAssignments / Notes
Week 1,  1/9

Course Introduction / Review of Syllabus

Week 2,  1/16Chapter 1 Meeting: A medium for communication Read Chapters 1
Week 3

Spring Festival Holiday 

Week 4Spring Festival Holiday
Week 5, 2/6

Chapter 1 Review

Chapter 2 Professionalism in the industry

Read Chapter 2

Week 6,  2/13

Chapter 3 Meeting Sponsors

Chapter 4-1 Initial Planning

Read Chapter 3
Read Chapter 4
Week 7,  2/20

Chapter 4-2 Meeting and Convention Venues

Chapter 5 Program Development / Videos for venues

Read Chapter 5
Week 8,  2/27

Chapter 6-1 Program Elements

Chapter 6-2 Meeting Planning Timetable (self-study)

Project Discussion on – Initial Planning, Program Development

Read Chapter 6

Week 9,  3/6

Chapter 7 Budgeting and Fiscal Management / Review for Mid-term

Chapter 8 Getting There: Air & Ground Travel (self-study)

Chapter 9-1 Event Promotion and Marketing

Read Chapter 7

Read Chapter 8 

Read Chapter 9
Week 10,  3/13

Mid-term Exam(Covers Chapters 1-7)

Chapter 9-2 Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB)

Week 11,  3/20Chapter 10 Food and Beverage
Read Chapter 10
Week 12,  3/27

Chapter 11 Registration and Housing

Chapter 12 Meetings and Event Technology (self-study)

Chapter 13 Planning & Managing Exhibitions

Read Chapter11

Read Chapter12 

Read Chapter13
Week 13,  4/3

Chapter 13 Planning & Managing Exhibitions (continued)

Chapter 14 Pre-meeting Coordination

Read Chapter13

Read Chapters 14
Week 14,  4/10

Chapter 15 On-site Operations

Review for Final-term/Projects discussion

Read Chapter 15

Week 15,  4/17

Group Project Presentations (3)

Group Project Presentations (3)

Week 16,  4/24

Group Project Presentations (1 or 2)

Submit written projects

Answer questions about final-term exam

Week 17Final-term Exam