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Course Methodology

This course is highly experiential with 40 hours taught intensively over two weekends.

Course Objectives

This experiential course will teach students how to facilitate and debrief teambuilding activities which will lead to a better understanding of how to be effective in their role as a team member and a team leader.  Students will learn how to manage a high-functioning team and identify personal strengths and areas needing improvement regarding interpersonal skills.

Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to facilitate teambuilding activities, including design, implementation, and debriefing.

Students will understand how to design a full value contract

Students will study the experiential learning cycle.

Students will understand the factors necessary to reach a decision by consensus.

Students will review giving and receiving effective feedback. Students will understand factors necessary for effective teamwork, their value to an organization, and suggested managerial activities.

Course Description and Purpose

This experiential course develops leadership skills necessary to facilitate team building activities in order to improve group communication, trust, problem solving, and productivity.

Textbook and Course Materials

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
title : 

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

authors : 

Patrick Lencioni

publisher : 


isbn 10 : 


notes : 
Textbook Notes
additional notes : 
Textbook Additional Notes
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
title : 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

authors : 

Stephen R. Covey

additional notes : 
Additional Notes
Teamwork and Teamplay (Recommended)
title : 

Teamwork and Teamplay (Recommended)

authors : 

Jim Cain and Barry Jolliff

additional notes : 
Additional Notes
Silver Bullets (Recommended)
title : 

Silver Bullets (Recommended)

authors : 

Karl Rohnke

notes : 
Quicksilver (Recommended)
title : 

Quicksilver (Recommended)

authors : 

Karl Rohnke and Steve Butler

notes : 

Course Procedures

In co-facilitation teams (2 people) participants will facilitate a group experience for the other members of the class.  This experience will include a sequenced set of activities including warm ups, an initiative, and debriefing the activities and will fill 75 minutes.  Students must write up their activities, including objectives, materials needed, processing questions, procedures/directions and the scenario and submit to instructors. Write up must also be posted on the “blackboard” for access to all classmates. The hard copy of the write up is due to the instructors on the second Sunday of the class. 

Students will provide written, constructive feedback to a co-facilitation team about their activities.

Students will participate (challenge by choice) in a full day ropes course.

Students will design a “full-value contact” for a group or team (due second Saturday).

Students will present major ideas from The Five Dysfunctions of a Team or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in a group presentation (due second Friday night).

Presentation should be 12-15 minutes; all group members must participate in the presentation, may include power point and/or handouts (do not read directly from the PowerPoint please), skits, activities or role plays are welcome.   The presentation should be engaging and all group members should be prepared to answer questions posed by the instructors about the topic assigned.  Include an explanation of the dysfunction, the way it connects with the following dysfunction, the role of the leader and suggested activities to overcome the dysfunction. The group presenting on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People should cover ways in which the 7 habits relate to the 5 Dysfunctions and/or in-class learnings.

Students will take a final exam on readings from the module, class lectures and activities.

Students will submit a reflective paper (2-3 pages) which is due the Friday after the last class.  The paper will include assessment of goal completion, self-assessment of skill level as a facilitator, personal accomplishments and areas of growth, and personal challenges needing improvement.  This assignment must include a “now what” statement detailing future intentions.

Course Detail

Class Participation / Attendance

Students are required to attend all class sessions and arrive promptly at the beginning of each class session.  Students missing more than two hours of class time will not pass this class.

Class Policy

Cell phones are prohibited during class.


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Due Feb 19 2023 at 11:59 pm


Students must complete all assignments, participate in the ropes course, and participate in all activities to earn a passing grade in this class.  The assignment point value is as follows:

Course Requirements
Total Points Available
Activity and debriefing28
Full Value Contract5
Reflective Paper10
Book Presentation10
7 Habits Outline4

Grading Schema

Name From To
< 95%
< 90%
< 87%
< 83%
< 80%
< 77%
< 70%
< 60%

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